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What can I expect from a session?

One session usually lasts 60 Minutes. The client (adults and children over 12 years of age) remains fully clothed, lying in a comfortable supine position. This can differ, depending on the client's needs. I then gently palpate the whole body, assessing fluid flow and tissue motion in order to find areas of dysfunction or restriction. These areas will be treated using delicate manual techniques. 

Infants I might treat while engaged in play or on mum/dad's lap. 

New born babies can be held or nursed by mum/dad.

It is important that the child feels safe. Only when we feel safe, can we relax and heal!

My treatment approach focuses on assisting you to heal yourself or maximise your ability to cope.

During a treatment you may experience tiredness, warmth and gentle pulsing as well as other possible sensations. 

The Central Nervous System takes about 48 hours to process any changes being made. Even after 48 hours it is not uncommon for the body to still adjust. 

Staying hydrated after a treatment is important. This will assist any changes made become lasting!




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