CranioSacral Therapy for Children

Most treatment approaches focus on “putting something in”, medication, exercise etc. My approach focuses on ridding the body of restrictions that inhibit development and good health (physically, mentally and emotionally).

A “restricted” body can show symptoms in many ways.

Examples of what parents have reported to me after and during a treatment of their child have been the following:

• The child is “cuddlier”, moulds into the parent’s arms and relaxes
• The child is “more alert” and “interacts” more
• The child is “emotionally more balanced”
• The parent felt “more relaxed and at peace” after a treatment of the child
• The child is able "to focus better"
•  The child “slept” better

• The child’s "motor skills have improved"


Children I treat present with:​​​

• Premature birth (high tension through CranioSacral System)
• Interrupted bonding after birth
• Cerebral Palsy
• Sensory Processing Disorder
• Restlessness
• ADHD/ ADD/ Autism Spectrum
• Emotional Imbalance
• Misshapen heads
• Colic/Reflux
• Respiratory Conditions
• Digestive Complaints
• Reoccurring sinus/ear infections
• and others

These children and parents often experienced complications/challenges during pregnancy and birth, which are also important to address. 

Looking at the whole picture
I am trained and experienced in looking at the “whole” picture, the biological process starting with conception, pregnancy, birth and then the newborn baby. Finding where the process became unstuck and assisting you and your child to heal, in accordance to your needs, is my goal.

My treatment approach focuses on gentle manual techniques to mobilise mainly the cranial bones, spinal column and pelvis, enabling free fluid flow around the brain and spinal cord.
Cranial bones might be “stuck” or show an override after “squeezing” through the birth canal or after a sudden change in pressure during a C-Section. The membrane system surrounding the brain and spinal cord might show a “twist” or “tightness”, after the pull from a vacuum extraction or often observed after premature birth.

A treatment for the parent(s) can be beneficial in order to sustain changes in the child.

What is a session like
A treatment session can take place in different ways, depending on the child’s age. A baby might be treated in mum/dad’s arms, sometimes while being nursed. An older child might be treated on the floor while engaged in play and if possible at all, I will treat the child lying supine on the table. Creating a safe space for the child is crucial. Only a safe and grounded space allows the body to relax and heal!


Together we can create space so the full potential can shine!