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"My son began CranioSacral Therapy with Beke after suffering a traumatic birth from being born 11 weeks premature. Since beginning therapy, my son has shown to be less distracted.  He is more focused during play time and more willing to stop for a cuddle.  Beke's approach is very gentle and her physiotherapy background is evident through her extensive knowledge of the human body. You could not ask for a more caring and understanding therapist". 

- Kate (mother of a boy born at 29 weeks) -










"I have been getting craniosacral healing from Beke for the past 6 years. In that time I have received many sessions to help resolve the trauma from my life and mostly from my childhood. The sessions have enabled me to become much more aware, present and relaxed in my body. Beke's work has enabled me to release suppressed emotions and holding patterns that had been causing me a lot of stress in my life. Beke's work has helped me to resolve a lot of issues and become much happier and at peace within myself." 

- Matthew (suffered physical and emotional abuse during childhood)

My name is Patti Lusk and in August 2011 I began visiting Birtwill Physiotherapy for neck and shoulder problems. Whilst waiting to see my therapist one day, I picked up a brochure on Craniosacral Therapy. What I read seemed to suggest that this modality could help with another problem I was experiencing with my digestion, I felt as if everything I ate just wasn’t moving – I was swallowing OK, but then the food formed a big lump and just sat there for hours. Words like “release” and “mobilise” jumped off the page and resonated with me, and so I decided to give it a try. O f course I did my research first to check out the science behind it as I’m not one to spend good money on unsubstantiated treatments. I suggest visiting                                                                          .

Beke has a lovely energy and I trusted her right away. Her gentle approach put me at ease and her touch relaxed me to the point where my breath became very subtle. I felt a warm flow throughout my body as Beke placed her hands where she believed they were most needed. After only two sessions my problem was gone and has stayed away for five months now. I highly recommend this therapy for anyone who feels “blocked” in any way – physically, mentally, or emotionally, because I felt released on all those levels. It also seemed to compliment my physiotherapy treatments, as after my next physio treatment I was pain free! Thanks Beke.










With the discomfort I feel with Osteoarthritis, I could be very depressed - it can be stressful and one could worry about what life may be like as the condition gets worse - however I do not feel depressed and I am sure I feel cheerful because of the "Cranio Solutions Therapy" Beke uses. I am really thankful to have been sent in this direction.


- Yvonne (suffers from Osteoarthritis, in her 80s) - 




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