Every symptom is your body communicating with YOU,

I would like to assist you with the listening.

Life means to flow. Like a stream of water that begins as a spring and grows and develops into a creek and then becomes a big river entering the ocean. When water encounters obstacles it meanders around them, flows over them etc. You cannot stop the water. The same happens in our bodies. We need to "flow", if we become stuck the force of life will create a "symptom" to get some attention. 

It is my privilege to assist you to rid your body of "obstacles" hindering the flow of life. Together we can decipher the body's symptoms and release them. 

I use CranioSacral Therapy techniques, a gentle hands on approach, that focuses on the cranial bones, spine, pelvis and the membrane system surrounding the brain and spinal cord. My goal is to enhance functioning of the Central Nervous System, the "core system" of the body. Why working on and band aiding symptoms, when together we can get to the "Core" of it. I am looking forward to assisting you to achieve great health and well being! 

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